Software to Improve Productivity in Small Businesses

Software to Improve Productivity in Small Businesses

When you’re running your won business, you often get caught up between multiple responsibilities at once. From operations to accounting to logistics, there are so many tasks that need to be accomplished within tight schedules, without compromising on the quality standards. Therefore, the more organised and automated your processes are, the better will be the efficiency and productivity of your business. Here, we have listed some of the best applications/software that will surely help you streamline your workflow and raise the productivity of your company

Zoho One |

Zoho One is an all-in-One solution for all your business needs. It is a comprehensive suite of 40 business applications that you can purchase and use at affordable cost. This Business Process Management software is extremely useful for businesses off all sizes for integrating workflows and organizing operations. The software has plenty of outstanding features such as CRM, business email management tools, inventory management, billing and invoicing, surveys and feedbacks, team communication, projects management, recruiting module and much more. These features are easy to use and quite efficient in building and organizing strong collaboration between different teams and department.

FreshBooks |

This cloud-based accounting software is a fantastic app for small business owners. The app helps you manage and track your business expenses, create professional-looking personalized invoices and keep a track of time to assess productivity. With a simple and intuitive interface, FreshBooks automates these tasks with just a few clicks and makes accounting a lot easier, faster and secure.

The features of the app empower you to easily manage your projects and deliverables, create customisable Proposals, manage Estimation, accept online payments through credit cards and organise various reports such as Sales Tax Summary report, Expense report, Profit and Loss reports, etc

QuickBooks |

QuickBooks is another effective cloud accounting app that enables you to manage and organise your business anytime, anywhere on you laptop, desktop or mobile device. The user-friendly app can be utilized to create custom, professional invoices; estimates and receipts that can be sent within minutes. The QquickBooks Online banking integration feature connects with thousands of accounts such as your company bank account, PayPal, credit cards, etc. and automatically updates all your transactions and statements, wit=ch significantly simplifies cash flow management. It gives you a holistic insight into your company’s financial health by maintaining customisable accounting reports and dashboards. What’s more? This app helps you stay up-to-date and be prepared for the tax season by recording your expenses.

Basecamp |

Basecamp is a Project Management app that is ideal for small business owners. It is a one-stop app that combines all the tools that different teams may require to finish a project together. With a simple, visual interface, Basecamp helps individuals and teams to manage their personal or shared tasks and projects. It can be used to send messages, time tasks, define deadlines, share and collaborate on files and documents, host discussions, assign tasks, organise meetings, review/evaluate work and provide feedbacks.

Skype |

One of the most important aspects of business is effective communication and skype remains the most popular and trustworthy app for communication. It is a robust platform where you can do a voice call or video chat with anyone in the world; transmit videos, photos, documents and files of any size; make group calls or chats with up to 25 participants; share your computer screen and send voice and text messages.

Google Drive |

Ever since its launch in 2012, Google Drive has consistently maintained its massive popularity with more than 1 billion users worldwide! This cloud-based file storage and synchronisation service allows its users to seamlessly port and edit files on their laptops, smartphones or tablets. Users can store and share any file on the drive such as word documents, spreadsheets, photos, presentations, forms, drawings, and much more. This facilitates greater collaboration between teams working at any location, anytime.

Google Drive offers its users 15 GBs storage space for free. Beyond that, users have to pay according to various optional paid plans. If you are a G Suite Business user, you can have access to unlimited storage on the cloud. Google Drive is a brilliant app for real-time collaboration between individuals and teams and therefore, an indispensable software for any entrepreneur.

Ezetap |

Are you running a retail business? Do you frequently face problems in managing digital payments by customers? fret not, because Ezetap is here with a range of solutions including smart charge slips and Point of Sale (PoS) machines. Ezetap is an excellent Universal Payment Acceptance platform that has many benefits for small and big businesses alike. It enables businesses to offer a single and consistent payment experience to their customers irrespective of their location, mode of payment or the payment instrument. Its mobile PoS feature allows smartphones, feature phones or tablets to be converted i to PoS terminals by simply connecting with the Ezetap Card-Reader.

Expensify |

Expensify is an extremely useful app for managing your expense reports. The software efficiently streamlines date entry and automates all big and small expense tracking. Expensify eliminates all manual date entry with the help of features like OCR technology and SmartScan and automatically generates your expense reports. It also allows automatic integration of the app with credit cards, financial institutions or other modes of payment for real-time recording of transactions. If you are a frequent business traveler, you can use the app to keep a track of miles traveled and the expenditure incurred.

Buffer |

In today’s age of digital marketing, Buffer is a must-have app for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business through social media. Buffer manages your social media marketing by automating your social media post updates and analyzing their performance. The app has useful features that allow users to compose posts and schedule their uploads to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Once the post has been published, you can track the key engagement metrics such as clicks, likes, comments, shares, tweets and so on. This will give you a good idea of how your content is performing and what works best for better engagement with your customers. These insights can help you focus on products/services that are higher in demand and improve your services while saving time on social media analysis.

CamScanner |

This is a widely used app, compatible with android and iOS mobile devices. CamScanner has great utility for entrepreneurs on everyday basis. This simple yet extremely useful app helps you to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents such as notes, contracts, invoices, receipts, business cards, certificates, whiteboard discussions and the like, through your phone camera. Its smart cropping and auto enhancing features ensure that your scans look sharp and professional. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature for premium users can extract text from images for later use. You can easily edit and share documents in JPEG or PDF format via various modes. CamScanner also allows instant printing of any document with a compatible printer via AirPrint or fax it to over 30 countries.

These are some of the best apps that are sure to reduce your burden and take your business to new heights. There are plenty of other apps available to make your life easier. So, jot down your requirements today and choose the best software that fits in.

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